Private Mausoleum Maker in Bergen County New Jersey

Four generations of experience in private mausoleum design and mausoleum construction.

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    American Monument Company’s  mausoleum design and construction division, Great Mausoleums, is among the most active and experienced builders of private mausoleums in the nation. Great Mausoleums will provide a comprehensive plan for constructing a private mausoleum and will share knowledge acquired from three generations of experience in mausoleum design and construction. 

    Private Mausoleums

    • Consultation on all aspects of purchasing a mausoleum
      Great Mausoleums offers a free no obligation consultation to all families. During the consultation Great Mausoleums will offer advice on cemetery selection, plot location, design concepts and provide a clear outline of costs. The goal of the consultation is to provide the family with a true understanding of the costs and steps involved in purchasing a private mausoleum.
    • Design services from sketch to full scaled plans
      Three generations of experience designing private mausoleums makes our design staff among the most knowledgeable and practical in the industry. Great Mausoleums will help to design a custom private mausoleum that satisfies all of your design needs while remaining within a budget. Each client is given a full color rendering and shop drawings detailing exactly how the mausoleum will be constructed.
    • Mausoleum Construction
      Great Mausoleums uses only the finest granite sourced from throughout the world. Each granite block is cut and shaped specifically for each mausoleum by a master stone-cutter. Nothing is compromised in the construction of a Great Mausoleum. From granite block to a final product installed in the cemetery, Great Mausoleums will manage the entire process of purchasing a private mausoleum. Many Great Mausoleums are manufactured and installed with a full perpetual warranty.
    • Mausoleum Repair and Restoration
      Great Mausoleums can consult on the repair or restoration of you already constructed private mausoleum. We are able to consult, provide practical advice and repair most issues that may arise.
    • Columbarium Construction
      The rise in the rate of cremation has led many cemeteries to consider building columbariums. Great Mausoleums is an experienced builder and designer of columbariums and can consult on any columbarium project. Let us show your cemetery how you can incorporate a beautiful granite columbarium on your grounds. Great Mausoleums can design and build a single columbarium unit or multiple units throughout the cemetery.
    • Estate Memorials
      Owners of large plots in a cemetery often require a specialized plan to best utilize the land. Great Mausoleums will help to design a family estate memorial that fully reflects all of your wishes.