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American Monument Co. is the Top Manufacturer of Civic Memorials in Northern NJ serving the tri-state area.

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    Four generations of experience building civic memorials have given our civic memorial design and construction division, American Bronze & Stone, a tremendous wealth of knowledge on the subject of civic memorials. Our distinctive work and artful solutions have made us a favorite of community organizations, charitable groups, religious organizations, branches of the military and corporations nationwide.

    Civic Memorials

    Whatever the size or scope of your project, you can rely on American Bronze & Stone for the highest levels of craftsmanship, imagination and service. When our professional team is working with you, the possibilities are endless.


    • Consultation on all aspects of constructing a civic memorial
      American Bronze & Stone partners with each client to clearly outline the steps needed towards constructing a civic memorial. We can work with clients in site selection and lend advice on structure and materials.
    • Design services from sketch to full scaled plans
      American Bronze & Stone’s design team is among the most experienced in the industry. American Bronze & Stone provides accurate renderings for all clients. A rendering is the first step in turning your concept for a civic memorial into a reality.American Bronze & Stone will provide a full set of blueprints for your civic memorial after the rendering is approved. All design work and blueprints are completed at no charge to the client.
    • Civic Memorial Construction
      American Bronze & Stone’s civic memorials are constructed by the most accomplished craftsmen in civic memorial construction. We do not compromise in any aspect of constructing each client’s civic memorial. Only the finest materials from around the world are used in our civic memorials. Many of our civic memorials are constructed with a full perpetual warranty. The perpetual warranty is the strongest guarantee of quality in the industry.
    • Civic Memorial Repair and Restoration
      American Bronze & Stone is available to repair, re-point and clean your already constructed civic memorial. Our three generations of experience have allowed us the expertise to solve many common problems that may arise. American Bronze & Stone will consult on any civic memorial repair projects.